Rebekah Knight-Baughman

Expression Dance Fitness Instructor

Rebekah has been dancing since the day she was born! She began taking ballet and tap when she was a child, and her mother often found her shuffle-ball-changing on the playground equipment. As a teen, she continued studying ballet at the Southern California Classical Ballet Conservatory and performed in Oklahoma. In high school, she was involved with dance choreography performances, competitive cheer dance, and theater. She added jazz, hip hop, modern, lyrical, and contemporary dance to her repertoire.

In graduate school, Rebekah had the opportunity to perform with the Liturgical Dance troupe at Fuller Seminary. She later danced with Mary Constantine Nelson’s Dance Company in Loveland in the Spring and Christmas Showcases from 2006-2008.

Rebekah found Be Bad Hip Hop in 2010 and learned to drop it like it’s hot! This community has been vital to Rebekah’s joy-having over the past decade. In 2017, she became a certified Soul Sweat instructor, which gave her the chance to teach a fusion of her choreographed dances including Portuguese and African movement.

Expression dance is her most recent passion, as she has created and taught full body workouts to inspiring music at Impulse Dance and the Windsor Recreation Center. Join in the fun as you express yourself with abandon through movement in her Expression Dance class!