Amy Smith 

Amy is a life-long dancer and is happiest when she’s dancing. She has thirty years of training and professional company experience in many styles, including ballet, jazz, contemporary, and modern. Amy’s classes blend multiple styles to create an experience that is challenging, thoughtful, and vibrant. Her goal is to help dancers understand themselves better through liberating, thrilling expression.

Dance teaching philosophy: When teaching or choreographing dance, my goal is to provide opportunities for people to explore how dance makes sense in their bodies and minds, how dance can help them better understand themselves, and how dance can urge an audience to recognize themselves in others’ experiences. Because an audience is so often present, dance is at once intimate and starkly public. This private/public duality can so easily intimidate instead of energize, so I believe that it’s vital that my dancers feel a palpable balance of support and challenge in class and rehearsal. True learning occurs within that balance, so it’s my job as an instructor to perpetuate a growth mindset that doesn’t infantilize learners but, instead, empowers them to crave more development. I do them a disservice if my instruction and choreography don’t encourage them to truly want to rise to the challenges that charismatic, precise, and thoughtful movement demands. On the instructor’s side, establishing this kind of environment requires strategic scaffolding, careful planning, and obvious preparation so that students experience confidence-building practice but also space to identify and embody the energies and emotions needed to feel satisfied with their art. When dancers are empowered to better understand who they are within their movement, they can more fully embrace the thrill of inviting an audience to be moved with them.

Amy’s Classes