Impulse Contemporary Co.


Impulse Contemporary Co. (ICC) is an adult dance company based out of Impulse and directed by Amy G. Smith.

In alignment with our studio mission, ICC is a non-competitive community that provides artistic challenges for committed advanced dancers. The members of ICC create and share movement art because it brings them joy to help others feel moved by art. Ultimately, the ICC seeks personal and community growth through artistic, athletic, and compelling contemporary movement.

ICC was launched early 2020, and when the pandemic hit, ICC saw it as an opportunity to get more creative with their art and medium. Amy and ICC have created over thirty-five dance films to date, and they’re still going strong! You can see their beautiful films on Instagram and YouTube.

Interested in joining or collaborating with the company? ICC is an audition-based company that is composed of advanced dancers who are committed to the Impulse community and take regular classes at the studio.

Contact Amy to learn more: