Sarah Miller 

I found my passion for dance when I first joined an after school program for dance in fifth grade. I quickly fell in love with the art of dance since then. I began to obsess over learning new “moves”, tricks, and routines off of YouTube. I’ve never had actual studio training, just a lot of love for dance. As a child I was never not dancing! I soon then joined a high school dance team, then a breaking crew. During all that, my mom led a non profit organization which I was heavily involved in, catering towards low income children who wanted to dance but couldn’t afford actual studios. I became the lead instructor and mentor for young kids of that organization. I joined my first “choreography competing crew” in 2016, I was a senior in high school at the time. Currently I am a part of a professional hip hop/urban choreography competing crew based in Denver. As a crew, we throw many workshops and classes to help grow the dance community with our mission to put Colorado on the map! Community is what Hip Hop is all about and that will always be very important to me.
As for myself, dance plays a huge part in my life. Dance is like an unspoken language. The feeling I get dancing with people who feel that same passion is what I live for. It can be nerve wracking, frustrating mentally and physically, almost like a battle with yourself but all at the same time it is so rewarding. I think that’s why I will never get bored of dance. With my style, you can incorporate so many other bits and pieces of other styles. The vibe in my class is all about feeling cool, and having fun. I dance with “sauce” and attitude. Super energetic with lots of grooves but at the same time chill and intricate. It’s free movement with a background of hip hop put together in one single piece, which is my version of Urban Choreography.

Sarah’s Classes