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Dance Classes

Ready to learn a new skill or rekindle your long love for dance? Impulse is the perfect place for you! We offer a wide variety of adult dance classes with highly qualified instructors. Our classes have a strong community focus and with small class sizes so it’s easy to reach your goals! Let your inner diva shine in our jazz classes, nourish your soul in contemporary and become an artistic athlete in ballet!

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Dance Programs 

Introduction to Dance 

New to dance? 

Try our Introduction to dance program. We’ve made it easy to try something new with our beginner level classes and dance basics videos. Join like minded adults in movement exploration and happy bodies. 

Upper Level Classes 

Experienced Dancer?

Try our upper level dance classes 2,3 and 4! Rekindle your love for dance and join our community of adult dancers. Build upon your skill set with fun, fulfilling, high energy classes!

Join our Company

Take to the Stage! 

Join our performance team, Impulse Contemporary Company and learn captivating dance routines that will leave you alive with excitement! Upper level dance classes will also have a chance to perform in our spring and winter showcases! This your opportunity to allow yourself to grow further as a dancer by learning the art of performance.

Dance Reduces Stress and Anxiety 

Dance Improves mental health, capacity and memory 

Dance Improved psychological well being 

Dance Releases Endorphins

Dance creates a sense of community 

Dance is a Positive outlet for self-expression 

Fitness Classes

For those of us who want to have fun and get a great workout this is where you want to be! We offer a wide variety of dance fitness classes such as zumba, hip hop fitness, HIGH fitness, and more! We also offer fitness classes that focus on strengthening and toning your muscles such as  barre, strength and flexibility and yoga. We believe it is important to mix and match your dance and fitness classes to maximize your health benefits. Sign up for your trial today!

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