Sarah Broussard

My love for yoga began in 2011. My past job required hours of driving and stressful deadlines. My body was in need of restoration and my mind was in need of peace. I gradually started to include more and more mat time into my life and, soon enough, yoga became a necessity for me. After I was bit by the ‘yoga bug,’ I started to expand my horizons with all different types of yoga styles.
I received my teacher training from Om Ananda Yoga Studio here in Fort Collins. I am registered with Yoga Alliance with a 500-hour Hatha Yoga Certification. My training enhanced my background in yogic methods and techniques. I am forever a student and continue to attend various meditation, restorative yoga, and inversion and arm balance workshops not only to enhance my own practice but also to teach my students the newest methods to help accomplish their physical and mental goals.
My love affair with inversions is never-ending but I have learned more than just the simple ‘headstand’ or ‘handstand.’ Through years of practice I have learned when to listen to my body and when to hold back (even when my ego begs me to keep going). Finding trust in the process of yoga is a crucial component that I try to communicate to all my students.
I cannot stress enough to all aspiring yogis that yoga is not just a physical practice but also a mental one. I value the yoga sutras and you will find that many of my classes are based on these friendly moral principles. I truly believe that yoga is not just for the flexible or fit; yoga is for anyone at any age. My classes are catered to not only seasoned practitioners but also beginners. I will challenge every one of my students because only when we escape our comfort zone is when we learn and grow. I enjoy practicing as well as teaching Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Hatha, Buti, Prenatal, and Kids Yoga. I value creating a balance between these styles of yoga and the balance it helps to create in my life.

Sarah’s Classes

We are open June 1st for in person classes!