Meet the Team

Below is our team of highly qualified Instructors. Each instructor is hand selected with the intention of giving you the best class experience possible. Most of our instructors have been teaching in the community for 5 + years and are actively performing or training to better themselves and their classes every day. Click on a team member and get to know them!  

Allie Rowe


Gretel Balmer


Jackie Johnson


Ernan Torrez

Hip Hop 

Mo Wells


Front desk team member

Nadia Duncan


Hip Hop

Joy Prendergast


Gabby Markle

Senior front desk team member

Shelli Choate

Be Bad Hip Hop

Winter Kensora

Barre Fitness

Brenda Hansen


Kylie Creighton

Hip Hop

Carolyn Yates


Yoga for Dancers

Amy Smith


Artistic Director of ICC

Kayla Cothrun



Rosie Dickies

HIGH Fitness

Sarah Miller


Our Story 

The dream of opening an adult dance studio in Fort Collins began in 2015. The owner Nadia Duncan had danced all her life and moved to Fort Collins in pursuit of a degree in psychology. She fell in love with the town of Fort Collins and settled right in, but found herself missing dance.

Fort Collins offers so many wonderful community spaces and loads of opportunity for artistic expression, but the dance community was small and spread out… we needed a space..

Missing the release of dance and self expression she latched onto the only dance form she could find, dance fitness. Nadia taught dance fitness classes all over town completed group fitness certifications in Zumba, Strong, AFAA and BodyJam.

Dance is therapeutic, a release and an opportunity for self growth. I love dance fitness and the feeling of doing something good for my body while having fun!

In those 7 years of teaching Nadia had gotten to know the dance community through classes, instruction and workshops. She then knew what she wanted and what the community of Fort Collins needed.
A space for adults to come together and support one another in positive self expression and personal growth all through the art of dance

The beauty of dance is not in the technique or coordination. The real magic happens when you allow yourself the freedom to let go into pure self-expression without caring what you look like.

Nadia took classes all over town looking for instructors who saw the same vision she did and cherished these core values. Community. Expression. Accessibility. Happiness.
With lots of help from friends, family and wonderful community resources like the SBDC Impulse opened on National Dance Day in 2018. With the mission…

“To provide accessible adult dance opportunities that cultivate community, expression and happiness.”

We are open for in person and virtual classes!